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Run Flat Tires

Has a flat tire ever left you stranded, or made you late for something? Have you ever had to change a flat tire in the rain or in the dark, or worse, alongside a busy road? If you have had either of these things happen, you understand just how frustrating a flat tire can be.

Situations like these make you wish your vehicle was equipped with run flat tires. Run flats can run for at least 50 additional miles following a puncture, giving you the ability to find a repair shop without being stranded. Smooth Automotive serves the run flat tire needs of customers in Medford MA, Arlington MA, Winchester MA, and surrounding areas. Our run flat tires will never leave you stranded.

What are Run Flat Tires?

Run flat tires in Medford, MA

There are two main types of run flat tires: Self-Supporting, and Auxiliary Supported. Self-Supporting tires have tougher rubber, which can temporarily carry the weight of the vehicle under lower tire pressure. If you do get Self-Supporting tires you will need a tire pressure monitoring system, because a driver may not notice the tire has lost pressure without it. Auxiliary supported tires are attached to a special rim with a steel support ring that is attached to the wheel and can support the weight of the vehicle.

One complaint about Run Flat tires is price. On average, they cost about one third more than traditional tires, though the fact that they take away the possibility of being stranded is something you can never put a price on.

That’s not the only complaint. While the reduced weight of carrying around a spare might seem like an advantage, run flat tires can also reduce fuel economy by 1-2%. Additionally, they don’t offer much grip in low temperatures.

Lastly, when you do get a puncture, or lose tire pressure, it’s not as easy to get them fixed. While some run flat tires can be fixed, they need to be inspected to check whether or not they can be. If they can’t, it’s time to buy new tires. They are, however, more durable than traditional tires during a blowout situation.

Despite these concerns, run flat tires are becoming standard equipment on new cars. Not only do run flats ease concerns, but they make a vehicle easier to control in the case of a tire blow out.

Why trust Smooth Automotive for Run Flat Tires?

While changing a tire is an important skill, the idea of run flat tires sounds like a great idea. The added safety benefit of being able to travel 50 miles when your tire does get a blowout affords peace of mind that cannot be bought. Run Flats will spare you from being stuck at an inopportune time, or in an undesirable location with a flat tire.

Our expert staff performs tire repairs for customers all over Medford, MA, Arlington, MA, Winchester, MA and the surrounding areas and are specially trained to handle installation and repair of your run flat tires. Contact us for more information about our run flat tires today.

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